Polo Sticks

We have just started a bespoke stick building service primarily aimed at ladies and younger players who need light sticks. We have a selection of hand-picked canes that will perform with light heads.

Miniature Polo Sticks, suitable for a special gift or for corporate promotions are available in several sizes and can be decorated to your specification.

Each stick is made to order. You choose the head weight, length, handle size and the 'whippiness', and we put the combination together to give you the stick that suits the way you play as well as your build and strength.

Alfonso Pieres Cane Sticks

We are the largest importer of Alfonso Pieres sticks into the UK, and have a large stock to select from at all times. We provide sticks for all levels of players, from low goal to high goal, and our wide selection means there will be a stick to meet most requirements.

Our range of Alfonso Pieres sticks are in sizes from 50" to 53", and between 170g and 220g. We have 'whippy' canes for when you play a short game, and stiff ones for when you need that big hit. We will also be carrying a range of Pony Club sticks this year ranging from 46" - 50".

Artificial Sticks

We stock both Graphalite and Fibercane sticks by George Wood, the world's leading manufacturer of artificial sticks. These sticks are very popular in the arena, and we have a specific set of heads for use in this different version of the game. Many players are now moving to artificial sticks to allow consistency in their game, and we also provide artificial sticks with finest Tipa heads for use outdoors.