Polo Stick Repairs

Stick Repairs

Full Swing Polo has a long history of repairing polo sticks, with clients ranging from current 10 goal players and High Goal Teams to those just starting with the Pony Club. Sticks can be dropped off and collected from the workshop itself or at various pick up and drop off points at Clubs and Shops around the country by prior arrangement - please contact us for details. An express service is available to get that favourite stick back in time for the big match!

Cane Stick Repairs

Every cane stick is individual, and we take care to remember this. During the repair process we try to replicate the same feel that the stick had when you first purchased it. The weights of heads are duplicated, and where splicing is required the new cane will be matched as closely as possible to the original cane.

We use only the finest seasoned Tipa heads from Argentina, and specially selected cane direct from Indonesia. We have often been told the result of our repairs has produced a better stick than when originally made!

Artificial Stick Repairs

Repairing artificial sticks is a different art to cane sticks. Artificial sticks are supposed to feel the same as each other, but breaks are not all the same! To ensure a universal feel following the repair, a large quantity of spare parts are required and the knowledge to put them together properly - we have an abundance of both!

We are the only stick repairer in the UK endorsed by George Wood, and can mend both graphite sticks and the Fibercane. We also carry a selection of different arena polo heads to cover your requirements.

Bespoke Alterations

We will make changes to the exact specifications that you require. In the past we have set heads at specific angles, altered handles for specialised grips, made different shaped heads, and painted heads in many individual styles – the choice is yours!